My friend Suzanne recently shared a Carrie Fisher quote with me. “Beauty and youth are not accomplishments.” I ran around the house high-fiving furniture and pets, all the while wishing I’d said it myself.

Then this morning happened.

Washing my face, there was a spot that wouldn’t come off. I exfoliated myself to a nub, and there it stayed. An age spot; one of those things you fear will spread like chicken pox. I scoured the internet for some kind of potion to get this thing the eff off my face. If you have such a product, share with all of us. It ain’t hot.

I remember my still gorgeous mother saying, “Your mind watches your body get older.” Which brings me back to the Carrie Fisher quote. There’s a reason for the term “Dumb blonde.” Pretty women who expect ANYTHING for being genetically gifted make me want to slap them with a grouper. (Size of the fish is important.) I’m genetically gifted. It’s not a skill or an accomplishment.

Grow your brain, get a career and be self-reliant, regardless of how traffic-stopping beautiful you are. Youth, btw, is the shortest time of your life. I may have this weird spot on my face, but my head is in working order, such as it is, which is how I’ve earned my living.

P.S. I’m not offended by blonde jokes. Mostly because I don’t get ’em. 😉


Written by Nancy Alexander