Happy Day!

It’s raining, I’m bored and I’ve got the Amazon tab open. I received a package yesterday, guaranteed by 8 tonight, and bedding on the way. “Free 1 day shipping” is shopping porn, especially for those of us who are NOT the fairest of the mall.

Currently I’m looking around the house for stuff I need, more accurately stuff I want. They’ll have it. Cheap. Three things I like: Good, Fast, Cheap. That’s not exclusive to consumer products. 😉

If and when Amazon starts delivering by drone, I’m ordering a drone, just to see how they’ll work that out. Unfortunately, I’m the most interesting neighbor to spy on.

Consider this a cry for help. Or a pass. I’m making some good consumer decisions and I can quit whenever I want. Except not really. I just ordered this welcome mat while filing this blog.

bird welcome mat

Can I get you anything? My card is on file. 🙂

Seriously Silly,


Written by Nancy Alexander