Psych! Turns out I was weaving an infomercial about the perfect pillow into what was almost a dream. Almost, because I was still awake. When I do occasionally get some REM sleep, my dreams are directed by Fellini. Odd, anxious and sometimes terrifying. If I attempted to explain one, and I remember nearly all of them, you’d probably slowly back away. I would.

It’s a creative curse. This from a study in the May issue of Personality and Individual Differences: When researchers looked at personality traits that contributed to dream recall, they found people who were prone to absorption, imaginativeness, daydreaming, and fantasizing were most likely to remember their dreams.

In other words, if you’re right-hemisphered, the likelihood of unicorns and glitter showing up in your sleep is slim. If you’re anything like me, bless your tortured heart, your dreams may look more like something like this.. bullet moon

Btw, this image scares the sh*t out of me. I’ll probably be seeing it when I caffeine crash. Like so many others who have snoozy troubles, I’ve been awake since a hundred o’clock. Hamlet said, “To sleep, perchance to dream.” I’ll take the sleep Hammy, you can keep the dreams.

Seriously Silly,


Written by Nancy Alexander