Florida summers are challenging to anyone’s self-esteem. Pretend to be happy for anyone whose hair looks good. It’s the LOL! way..Most of us look like either Sammy Hagar or Tom Petty, depending upon your curly or straight hair. I should open a Scrunchie kiosk.

For those unfamiliar with August in the Sunshine State, imagine swimming through air with a snorkel. Actually, you’ll need SCUBA gear to breathe, but ‘snorkel’ is just plain fun to say..

One only need to look at theme park family faces to appreciate the miserable heat. Everyone at “The Happiest Place On Earth” looks like they were weened on a pickle. You’ve never experienced under-boob sweat until you’ve waited in line to get on Space Mountain in summer.

And then there’s the clothes. Being naked is still too hot, but unless you live at one of our area nude wrinkle farms, we have to wear something. Shorts are too short, yoga pants don’t hide cellulite, and let’s face it, we all hate our arms.

C’mon fall. A couple months of cooler temps, low humidity, ergo, great hair and a flattering wardrobe. Until then, these are 2 shower and 3 shirt days. Concrete respect to roofers, landscapers, dry cleaners and everyone having to make their living in our flacid penis-shaped steam room state. It gets better.

Whining in air conditioning,


Seriously Silly:-D



Written by Nancy Alexander