Women have a sick, sixth sense to know when something’s up. Perhaps men do too, but I can’t speak for them, having been a girl all my life.

A while ago, I looked through a man’s phone. I’m not proud, but I was right. I found a sexual invitation text from a woman so vulgar, even I won’t type it.  I spun through the house like the Warner Bros. Tasmanian Devil demanding an explanation, but was met with admonishment for looking in the first place.

We were both right. And wrong. I shouldn’t have looked, but goddammit, it was so repulsively inappropriate, that I gave my intuition a strong pat on the back. Right after my head stopped spinning like Linda Blair’s and my laser-shooting eyeballs shut off.

I wouldn’t want anyone looking through my phone, either. But there’s no ‘there’ there if someone were to. I delete the porn, particularly if I’m in it;)

To be clear, this wasn’t a cheating thing, it was a respect issue. He had a large neighbor friend inexplicably sleeping on his couch 3 days, who thought it was an okay thing to say to him. I don’t blame her, I blame the guy.

Absolutely wrong? Kinda wrong? Kinda right? Or absolutely right in acquiescing to my intuition?

Comments welcome!

Seriously Silly,





Written by Nancy Alexander