I bought my first pair of grown up pumps, and I’m not happy about it. Peep toe, no less. Jeezis. If I see pantyhose in my cart, I’m applying for a job as a roadie.

I have a closet full of pop culture clothes having spent my life on radio and TV, but skinny jeans and a Skinny Puppy t shirt don’t sell real estate.

Here’s the rub: I very much do not like the female real estate uniform. Professional mom hair, asexual dresses that couldn’t even give Jim Bob Duggar a boner, and amount of accessories you’d find in a tackle box.

Not doing it. I’m going to evolve real estate business casual to include Jessica Simpson platforms and tube tops.

And if you buy a 400 thousand dollar pizza from me, I’ll throw in a free house.



Written by Nancy Alexander